Peruvian citrus growers and exporters are gathered in ProCitrus, a growers´ association representing the interests of 90% of Peru citrus exporters.

ProCitrus programs regard both training and social accountability issues, and address technological transfer, research and competitiveness improvement topics.

ProCitrus coordinates with the Government of Peru a range of initiatives to access new markets and it works on programs to improve food safety. Peruvian citrus are quality produce that are already present in the most challenging world markets.

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Peru is located in the central Western part of South America. It has 30 million inhabitants and a surface of more than one million

The Peruvian coast is an extensive and arid desert with unique weather characteristics which, in some sort of natural greenhouse, provide the best growing conditions for citrus. These excellent weather conditions, together with knowledge and the use of modern technology, have resulted in have resulted in sustained growth of citrus exports.



Citrus Varities

Citrus fruits produced in Peru are considered among the world´s best for their extraordinary consistency, fragrance, rind quality and shelf life. Likewise, their exquisite flavor makes them the citrus fruit of choice for consumers worldwide.

Peru exports its citrus fruit to 35 countries, notably England, Netherlands, the Scandinavian countries, Canada and to the US market. Peruvian citrus are produce from February to September. Among the main varieties are mandarins, satsumas, clementines, minneolas, oranges, limes and grapefruits.

Citrus growers in Peru have achieved world class standards. The quality of their fruit exceeds international standards in terms of brix, acidity and juice percentage. Peruvian growers have been widely certified for their good agricultural practices including certification by Globalgap, Tesco Nature´s Choice, USgap, BASC and ETI. All packing houses operate under the most demanding certification standards such as Haccp, BRC, SQF2000.

Safety and traceability are two extremely

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